10 Tips for Aspiring Leader – Part II

So, let’s proceed with the remaining five tips for the aspiring leader in this part II, these are:

  1. Be a good Communicator: Communication is one piece which would really be handy for the aspiring leader in everything they do. By being a good communicator, a leader not only has to be a good speaker but also a good listener. As an aspiring leader, one has to be a patient listener who could give an ear to team’s problems, their thoughts and ideas, suggestions and also a true feedback. The leader has to be open to meet people from different backgrounds and domains and quickly assimilate all information. A good listener has a better potential to comprehend things and make meaningful inferences. This would help them to take better decisions for the future. An aspiring leader should be able to put their thoughts in words and present it before the audience comfortably. The vocabulary or fancy words are not important, what is more useful would be the intent and the conviction by which the message is communicated. Learn to be more open, transparent and direct in communication. If you have a feedback for somebody, do share in time rather than waiting for appraisals or performance discussions. In times of crisis and achievement, it is always good to communicate in a larger audience openly. This would make the others believe in what you say more easily. Some people have a habit of showering unwanted praises or giving lame excuses; as an aspiring leader be truthful in what you communicate and believe in it. This tip would really fetch you acclaims and get many people closer to you.
  2. Be a Brand: In the professional life many of the skills, talents, accomplishments and competency gaps gets unnoticed, until and unless you convey to the right people at the right time. This does not need words or you going out and beating your own trumpet. Your work, actions, decisions, participation in meetings or activities, contributions, ideas would speak for yourself. If the others would notice rationality, creativity and logically driven decision making skills in you, you be branded the same. Avoid being branded as partial, biased, closed, and ineffective. You could use innovative and creative ways to brand yourself like personal emails to your team, blogs, websites, organizing meaningful training sessions, being effective in your one-on-one communications with others etc. You could even use your strengths to brand yourself accordingly.
  3. Help Others Free of cost: Always offer your help or support to the ones who need it badly. If you go out of your way to help someone, that person would always have good words of you. A leader never hesitates from helping anyone and always offers for help or shows the right way to get the best help possible. All this should be done without any expectation or a favor in advance. This would bring out a true leadership and natural acceptance of your leadership amongst others.
  4. Keep Learning: As an aspiring leader one must be a keen learner for anything and everything. Learn from people you meet, situations you are in, meetings with leaders, from mistakes and also from the works of others. Be a voracious reader and try to attend workshops or conferences where you get exposure to new things. You may want to sit with people from different domains or background in your workplace formally or informally to understand new horizons. Keep an eye on every piece of knowledge you could gain and keep learning. The day one stops hunger for learning that would be the end of one’s career. In the end just remember “Unlearn-Learn-Relearn.”
  5. Stay Simple: Last but not the least; the tip is to stay simple. This does not refer to the style of living or dressing, but it refers to the way you carry out yourself. If you do not be simple, people would hesitate to speak or collaborate with you. They would ignore you at occasions or might be at times feeling scared in approaching you for help or sharing their thoughts. This would increase the barriers and also fence you from being approachable. Non-simplicity would just not be in line to be an aspiring leader.

As an aspiring leader your simplicity would be attractive and help you to be grounded to reality. You would always find better company for whatever you do and people would always be willing to work with or for you.


These were the remaining 5 tips I had for all aspiring leaders. I hope it would come out for everyone’s help and support.

Note: This blog was published earlier, but due to technical reasons, the content of the site was lost. Therefore it is being re-posted.

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