Common Games Tweaked for TeamWork Exercise

During our regular weekly team meeting before Diwali, we decided  to play some fun games instead of regular discussions. We wanted to celebrate as a team before most of us went on festival leaves. We took this opportunity not only to celebrate but also have some fun team exercises by tweaking rules of some commonly played games. This is what we did:

1.     Dumb Charades: There were 5 chits with distinct names of “single worded Bollywood movie” on each one of them for eg. Jaadugar etc. This was already told to the team that the word was a Hindi single word which is also the name of a Bollywood movie. One person from the team was supposed to enact to make the remaining team guess the name of the movie without speaking a single word. The team instead of regular prompts to the actor and making unlimited guesses, has to decide among them and could speak only 4 times either to ask a question (yes/no) or guess the movie. Each round was of 3 minutes.

2.     Pictionary: Each team member was given a brand name. the team member was supposed to draw anything to indicate the team which brand it is, without writing any letters in any language. Again the team were given 4 chances to speak to guess the brand or ask a question resulting in yes/no. The brand given were such that their logos were not so simple to draw to make the round little difficult.

This helped the team to collaborate, discuss and then come to a consensus, on when to use these 4 chances to guess a movie/brand or ask a question. The team learnt how to be patient and not jump the gun and use their chances effectively and not lose a chance to win. The victory was shared with the complete team as both the member acting/drawing and the remaining ones guessing made all efforts to make sure they win it.

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