Is Leadership proportional to a Person’s age?

Many corporate, political, social organizations feel that leadership comes out of Age but I hold my views against it. For me leadership is an amalgamation of a person’s positive character. It can come at any age just that it gets reflected through positive demonstration.

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the Indian social worker, Kailash Satyarthi, and a Pakistani education campaigner, Malala Yousafzai, clearly depicts two leaders working in different environment for the rights of the children but by age have a huge gap between them.

A leader should not only itself motivated for successful completion of tasks in hand but also moves around other people involved in the positive direction towards achieving goals. I know of my junior in school, who showed leadership at a very young age to mobilize other people of his age, younger and older to him to lead a cleaning campaign in his city. He now runs a small NGO by the name, “Making a Difference”, and has brought about a substantial change in the society he lives in, even much before our honorable Prime Minister raising the same cause at various levels.

A leader should be able to give direction and show a path to many others who follow them and this can happen at any age. This is why sports team captain is not always the senior most player of the team but a person who can lead from the front.

There is always crunch for good leaders around. Therefore a leader should always look at identification, development and coaching of aspiring leaders. Leaders should not be egoistic about the position they hold and they should not be scared to create new leadership.

Last not but the least, a person’s experience improves the quality of decision making and the nature of a leader, however, number of years of experience is not directly proportional to being a good leader. The number of unique situations, crisis, success and failures experienced can definitely be proportional to being a better leader. I have personally observed in many corporate organizations, that people get to work at leadership positions as they are more experiences by virtue of the number of years in service, but actually they perform miserably at that level, due to lack of quality experience or proper traits of a leader.

Therefore, if you are waiting to become a leader gradually with age, then you are awaiting disaster. Look for being a part of different experiences and get the skills of being a leader in you. You may wish to follow some of the other posts on and see if that helps in your cause of being a future leader, not by luck, but by choice.

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