Professional Transitions in 2016

2016 has brought up a professional change in my life. I switched organizations, and with that I switched almost everything I had previously with me, either completely or partially. Some important transitions I had to make in myself due to shift in my job are:

  1. In 2016, from a 210+ year old US organization, I moved to a 70+ year old Indian organization. As expected there is a drastic difference in the two set ups as both are driven by policies which are originated from the laws of their parent country. Therefore all these years what I assumed would be a mandate, was actually not as per law, for eg. allocation of privilege leaves in advance and after successful completion of certain period in the organization etc.
  2. Second transition was from a national capital city, Delhi, to a tier-3 city, Udaipur. Living in both have their own pros and cons. From a fast paced life, I moved to a relaxing and a slow life. From a heavy traffic daily commuting time of 4 hours, I moved to an un-managed lesser traffic with daily commuting time of 40 minutes. Udaipur gave a fresh breathing space with almost no pollution and hence I had no more coughing seasons, but this also meant moving from a well luxurious life to a simple life almost like retirement. The city brought some memories of my childhood back, but then I was almost used to a top level city with best medical facilities, better hanging out joints, more connected to other destinations, better training opportunities, better opportunities etc.
  3. Transitioning from my complete family to the nuclear family: My parents decided to stay back in Delhi while my wife and I moved to Udaipur. I was staying away from my parents and siblings almost after 7 years. This was a difficult move, but it gave my wife and myself some time to ourselves which wasn’t possible in a busy schedule at Delhi. Luckily Udaipur has some direct flights to Delhi which helpes us to stay connected with our families often.
  4. Work-life-Balance had a completely new meaning. From a 5-day a week, I moved to a 6-day a week setup. Working on saturdays almost seemed impossible initially, but then it got discounted with my returning home early every day. I thought there can be no flexibility without work-from-home, but then staying at Udaipur has almost minimized the need for work-from-home as the number of people staying together were just two instead of 5 initially.
  5. 1-domain to a multiple-domain role: From an expert of a domain, I moved to a Jack of all and expert in delivery kind of a role. I always assumed myself that I would do fairly well in application solution delivery kind of roles, but now I chose not only application or solution delivery but infra+applications+security=technology+process solution+service delivery role. My new role as per my expectation is teaching me a lot in new arenas and also giving me opportunities to show a bigger perspective and share a larger experience with the organization. What I love the most is being in action for almost whatever happens at my site with respect to IT. Remember the “T”, I had depth understanding of applications and now i am moving across the breadth of technology touching other areas.

I now expect 2017 to be kind to me with more unlearning and new learning and continue contributing to my family, career, organization, society and myself.

Note: All views in my post are my own and does not reflect views of my organization or any one else working with me.

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