Stop Lying

Over the years I have observed various leaders lying in their own capacities which results in different kind of damages. As an aspiring leader my sincere advice through this blog would be to stop lying.

Stop lying

…to yourself first of all: Many leaders make wrong impressions of their own skills and talents. They are not able to understand their true self and accept leadership roles as it looks lucrative to add the word “leader” in their designation. Many leaders are good individual contributors but they are not good people leaders. Such persons should choose a different path for themselves and should not accept roles with people leadership or management. Some leaders irrespective of their capabilities have a different misbelief of themselves – you may call it over-confidence or illusion. If you continue to lie to yourself you don’t work in the best of capabilities but always try to work to prove the lies true. So first of all stop lying to yourself. If you work with truth and honesty, you would be 100% focused and satisfied with what you do and ultimately this would result in better results to success.

…to others close to you: As an aspiring leader people most closed to you are your family, friends and colleagues. Don’t, just don’t lie to them. Let them know what is really on your mind related to them. I have seen some leaders lying to their family related to what they are going through, their friends of what they really feel about them and colleagues on their performances. Some leaders cannot give a true feedback to people around even to those who believe in them. My advice to you would be do NOT lie to people who look upon you with trust and hope that you would help them share their careers. Give them a candid feedback even if it is not up to mark or expectations. The way of communicating might be adjusted based on the person whom you are speaking to, but make sure you are true in giving feedbacks. If you cannot let people close to you know the difference between right and wrong, good and poor then how an organization or larger community can have trust on you.

…to organization or community: There have been many breach of trust in the past where the CEOs, top management etc. have lied to the organization, shareholders and investors at various instances. They can get away with unethical practices for some period of time but definitely not for long. As an aspiring leader learn not to lie even if your organization or group is not doing well. Let people or groups know about failures as you tell them your successes. What you may add is the steps you as a leader would take to come back strongly.

Note: This blog was published earlier, but due to technical reasons, the content of the site was lost. Therefore it is being re-posted.

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